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ARTISTHEAD Physical and Digital Distribution

ARTISTHEAD Physical Distribution

Major one-stop distributors Baker & Taylor and Synergy market our catalog to over 10,000 stores across the U.S. including all major chains (Border's, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc). We market our products directly to approximately 400 independent stores across the United States - Rasputin, Amoeba, Waterloo, Newbury Comics, etc., and European Distribution channels through Code 7 in the UK.

The first step is to send us a physical copy of your retail-ready full-length CD with shrink-wrap and UPC Code, no Mp3s please, along with your contact information, press kit, and any other information about the project that you would like us to see. If accepted, ARTISTHEAD will send a copy of our US distribution agreement for your consideration.

Here are the summarized Physical Distribution terms; Our contract is non-exclusive. Standard entrance into our catalog requires 100 units up front as a "buy-in"; there is no membership fee. Fifty of those units are inserted into customized Promotional Packages and sent to store buyers, while the second 50 remain property of ARTISTHEAD in order to recoup on the various costs that come with marketing titles to our store-base. After 50 units are sold (with ARTISTHEAD retaining the sales for these first 50 units), the artist/label earns $5.00 per unit on independent store sales (sold at $7.49), and approximately $4.00 per unit on one-stop distributor sales to the national chain stores (sold at $6.00).

Sampler CDs are created featuring two songs from every title we are soliciting in that sales schedule, then sent out to a wide array of our smaller stores. ARTISTHEAD also creates a customized artist one-sheet and will include any other promotional goods (flyers, stickers, etc.) that an artist wishes to have included in the Promotional Package. Approximately one month after your CD is solicited to our stores, artists can expect a full report on which stores purchased their CD, and any promotional opportunities that these stores can offer such as listening stations, in-store performances, and POP placement.

"Retail" Marketing and Promotion

ARTISTHEAD uses publicists working with print media, radio promoters working with radio stations, social networking promoters who streamline and maximize an artist's Internet presence, and retail promoters who actively promote releases by sending flyers, posters, and press releases authored by the campaign's publicist to our wide base of stores in the United States and Europe.

A campaign includes multiple press releases and promotional packages sent to approximately 100 print and web magazines and 125-200 college, community, and CMJ radio stations. The active web promotion by the social networking promoter, which includes marketing on many music and lifestyle portals, helps acts mobilize their fan bases and drive traffic to stores and online retailers. This increased exposure also helps artists and labels book shows and in-store performances in targeted markets.

Coupled with touring and a good media "buzz," physical CD sales in stores begin to increase, causing stores to reorder these titles. When artists and labels also offer and promote their product digitally, as well as license their music for use in TV, film, and video games, artists (some for the first time) see real success with multiple revenue streams. Get more info here on ARTISTHEAD LICENSING. All of these features, programs, and promotions work together and create a buzz in targeted regional markets 4-6 weeks prior to offering the product for sale to stores leading up to its "retail street date."

Each campaign is assigned a Project Manager who will coordinate and supervise the many aspects of the campaign in order to maximize both the product's sales and the artist's exposure. 
Two-Month Retail Promotional Campaign - $1,200.00

Digital Sales

We distribute for labels and artists on the IODA aggregation platform and have a strong network and team that is able to support and market new titles and releases. We also have digital distribution channels outside of our IODA network. This includes but is not limited to our own digital storefront, specialized distribution in Asia, special video distribution and direct connect accounts to services.

Founded in 2003, IODA has built a catalog of nearly two million tracks that is licensed to more than 400 digital storefronts worldwide. IODA's catalog represents a diverse range of music from over 50 countries, including rock, electronic, hip-hop, metal, punk, indie, world, latin, jazz and classical. IODA's retail partner network includes all major digital music services like iTunes®, Amazon MP3 and MySpace Music and mobile carriers and outlets such as Verizon Wireless, Sprint and Nokia. With all of these aspects of a campaign being handled by an enthusiastic and dedicated team of industry professionals, ARTISTHEAD is your platform to success.

*ARTISTHEAD does provide additional add-on digital campaigns as needed.


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