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ARTISTHEAD CD/DVD Replication and Duplication

ARTISTHEAD prides itself in producing products with the highest quality and consistency utilizing the state of art equipment. We replicate your CDs and DVDs all in house from the making of the glass master to replication, printing and packaging and shipping direct to your location. We have the capacity to replicate 5 million CDs and DVDs per month and have a very aggressive pricing structure and will complete your order in a efficient and timely manner.

We replicate for recording studios, musicians, software and entertainment companies along with a wide variety of others. We guarantee our product 100%. As a one-stop replication service we specialize in providing complete CD/DVD manufacturing, print and packaging fulfillment in addition to the most complete line up of packaging products and services that you will find in the marketplace.


Every project is unique and the costs associated with each job depends upon your specific market and needs. Please contact us so that we can give an accurate quote to meet your replication and duplication criteria.


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