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ARTISTHEAD Management Services

Your Virtual Music Business Office

Now you have access to the same professional business management and legal teams that the top entertainment companies call on. ARTISTHEAD can manage your label and music business for a fraction of the cost of having your own office, phone and computer systems, accounting department and payroll, and we relieve you of all of the daunting paperwork associated with running your own business. ARTISTHEAD frees you to focus on your art, while we make sure your business is operating correctly and on track. No more running around, no more worrying if you have done everything right. From legal and accounting help to marketing, PR and artist developement, whatever your needs - ARTISTSHEAD is here to help.


If you have not set up a legal business entity for your label, such as a sole proprietorship, corporation, or LLC, you are not considered a legitimate business.  In fact, the legal system does not consider you a business at all. This can lead to some serious legal issues for you or your band. Navigating your music career is complex enough without legal problems added to the mix.

Once your label is set up legally, there are many duties that need to be administered to ensure that your label runs smoothly and correctly.

There are many pitfalls you must avoid when running your own label; they include, “The Unlucky 13”.

  1. Choosing the wrong entity for your label
  2. Not maintaining accurate books and records
  3. Not filing taxes or reoccurring forms in a timely fashion
  4. Not putting aside enough money for bills, taxes, and emergencies
  5. Taking on unneeded partners
  6. Not being available to answer or return important phone calls and emails
  7. Not budgeting correctly for needed services such as; CD dupes, promotional materials, and merchandise
  8. Not having or understanding the correct contracts and legal language to use to get things done effectively and correctly
  9. Paying bills late, or not at all
  10. Not shipping out your CDs to stores, distributors, and buyers in a timely fashion
  11. Not keeping your label spending and personal spending separate
  12. Hiring the wrong attorney and accountant for your label
  13. Not getting the best rates on services for your band, studio or business

All or any one of these mistakes can cause you damage as a label and even ruin your label altogether. Once the damage is done, it will be very hard, if not impossible to win back the trust of your fans and industry connections. There are indeed many moving parts to owning a label. This is the major reason why artists fail to succeed or even initiate having their own record label. 

ARTISTHEAD Label Management Services is the answer to these daunting tasks and responsibilities. ARTISTHEAD offers different levels of label management to suit your current artistic and music business needs. ARTISTHEAD also offers services and opportunities that guide you and/or your band to the highest levels of professionalism. Our team manages and advises some of the largest and most successful artists and entertainment companies in the business. Let them work for you.

ARTISTHEAD - The Musician's Complete Business Resource

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