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Incorporating Your Record Label or Film Project

Incorporating your label or film is the most secure way to take investment capital, protect your personal assets and will be your platform of sales for all of your related products. There are many benefits other to owning your own company. Incorporate today! Prices start at $549.


A corporation is an independent legal and tax entity, separate from the people who own, control, and manage it. Because of this separate status, the owners of a corporation don't use their personal tax returns to pay tax on corporate profits-the corporation itself pays these taxes. Owners pay personal income tax only on money they draw from the corporation in the form of salaries, bonuses and the like.

One of the main advantages of incorporating is that the owner's personal assets are protected from any creditors of the corporation. For instance, if a court judgment is entered against your corporation stating that it owes a creditor $100,000, you cannot be forced to use personal assets, such as your house, to pay the debt. Because only corporate assets need be used to pay business debts, you stand to lose only the money that you've invested in the corporation.

Types of corporations include:

• S Corporation
• C Corporation

The Benefits of Forming a Business:

• Liability Protection
• Tax Savings
• Reducing Chance of Audit
• Establishing a Professional Identity
• Raising Capital through Investors
• Professional "write-offs"

ARTISTHEAD entity creation services will help you select the best entity for your project and file your corporate documents for you quickly and correctly.

Call 1.877.252.2750 or email us to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.

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